S1 E2 LB


The Blank-Faced Man greets Sam in the Turner home, armed with a needle behind his back. Before he has the chance to do anything to with it, Jack Turner arrives for his meeting with Horst Goebel, who the man is impersonating.

Hasan has been nabbed by Turner's men and brought to the house. Jack and his top security man, Bingham, beat and torture Hasan to convince him to give up his employer. With the entire mission compromised, Keel authorizes "removal." Aidan provides Sam with a poison tab, which will kill Hasan within a minute of being applied to his skin. Sam steals a magnetic key card and breaks into the lower basement where Hasan is being held. She sneaks past Turner's men and applies the tab, but Hasan tells her if she kills him, she'll never find out who wants her dead. She removes it.

A man who identifies himself as a Lieutenant Colonel pays a visit to Emma Freeman, a friend of Sam's from her time in the armed forces. The Military Man shoots her in front of her daughter. The next day, after dropping off Eddie at school, Sam hears the report about Emma's death and visits the crime scene. When she leaves, the Military Man follows after her menacingly. Sam lures him under a bridge, from which she drops down and attacks him. They get into a brutal fist-fight, but before Sam can find out who sent him, he runs off.

Aidan stops by Sam's apartment and helps treat her wounds, but she still doesn't trust him. Soon after, he goes to the Red Friar Motel to meet with a mysterious woman. Sam places new intel on her wall, but she can't piece it all together.

Jack takes a meeting with Dave Ryder, an old friend of his with a criminal past. Ryder leaves the meeting with the briefcase "Horst Goebel" dropped off the night before. Needing the case, Fowkes and Zoe run out to track down Ryder. Fowkes jumps in front of his car, and while the two men argue, Zoe outfits the suitcase with a tracker.

Stephen Turner tells his dad he's tired of being kept out of the loop. Jack brings him downstairs, where a bloodied Hasan is strapped to a chair. Jack tells him to hit the man who tried to kidnap his son, but Stephen refuses. When they leave, Sam enters the room and knocks out the guard. Hasan tells Sam that he was offered ­£100,000 to take her out, and he'll reveal more information if she helps him escape. As soon as Sam frees him, Hasan kills the unconscious guard and comes after her. In the ensuing fight, Sam impales Hasan with a crowbar. When Turner reenters, it looks like Hasan and the guard killed each other when the prisoner tried to escape.

Aidan sees the newspaper article about Emma and warns Sam that it's not safe for her anymore. He tells her to abandon the mission and leave. Meanwhile, Keel takes a meeting at a fancy London club with Bernard Faroux, the target of the mission in Tangier.