C.B. Strike

S1 E2 Cuckoo's Calling: Part II

Cuckoo's Calling: Part II

Written by Ben Richards

Directed by Michael Keillor   

Adapted from the book by Robert Galbraith    

At a photoshoot for fashion designer Guy Some, Strike talks to model Ciara Porter. According to Ciara, Lula was interested in learning more about her biological family. She invites Strike to meet her at a club after the shoot.

Strike’s half-sister Lucy shows up at the office and reveals to Robin that although their mother’s death was ruled a suicide, Strike always suspected foul play. Lucy realizes Strike is sleeping in the back room and offers him a place to stay, but he passes.

Strike pays a visit to John and Lady Bristow, who is very ill. She mentions watching old movies with John the evening of Lula’s death, and under the haze of morphine, reveals Lula was frightened of someone. She cryptically notes, “The leopard never changes his spots.” Before Strike leaves, John asks him to focus on CCTV footage from the night of the crime.  

At the club, Strike meets up with Ciara and Lula’s boyfriend Evan Duffield. Evan has an alibi, and, feeling ambushed, kicks Strike out of the club. Ciara and Strike go back to her place and have sex.

Evan comes to the office to suggest Strike focus on Tansy Bestigui. Strike notices Evan’s gloves, made by designer Guy Some, before he heads out.

On Evan’s tip, Strike follows Tansy, snapping photos of her in an embrace with Tony Landry. Threatening to reveal the affair, Strike convinces Tansy to talk to him. She says that on the night of Lula’s death, her husband Freddie locked her on the balcony in the freezing cold. From there she was able to hear Lula and a man arguing. 

Robin takes an interview with another company and considers turning down a stable job offer to stay with Strike. Her fiancé isn’t happy about her decision, taking offense to her statement the other job is too “corporate.”

Strike returns to Lula’s apartment building. Wilson admits he used the pool briefly before Lula’s death, possibly allowing for someone to go by the front desk. He lets Strike into the flat that rapper Deeby Macc rented and never used. Inside the apartment, Strike notices a vase of flowers similar to one he saw in Lula’s. A hoodie, hat and leather gloves sent from Guy Some are also missing. 

Strike shares his current theory with Robin: The killer hid in Macc’s empty flat and used the flowers as a means to get into Lula’s apartment. After pushing her over the ledge, the killer fled past the front desk before Tansy ran down to the front door, and seconds before Wilson got back from using the pool.

Robin delivers a message from Strike’s ex, Charlotte: she’s getting married. The news sends Strike to the pub, where he has a few too many drinks. Robin helps him back to the office. 

After Wardle admits that Rochelle’s death was a murder, he sends Strike the full video CCTV footage from the night of Lula’s death. Strike pauses over a shot of a thin person wearing a black hoodie, walking away from Lula’s building: the killer.