Cuckoo's Calling: Part 1

C.B. Strike

S1 E1 Cuckoo's Calling: Part 1

Cuckoo's Calling: Part 1

Written by Ben Richards

Directed by Michael Keillor   

Adapted from the book by Robert Galbraith

The Case: The Death of Model Lula Landry

Lula Landry returns to her flat after a night out with friends. Later that night, her body is found outside the building; apparently having flung herself from her flat window. Her death is ruled a suicide. 

Robin Ellacott starts her temp job at private investigator Cormoran Strike’s office. As she enters, Strike’s ex-girlfriend Charlotte storms out. Robin does research on Strike and notes he was once in the Royal Military Police and has famous parents: his mother was a groupie and his father is a rock star. Robin’s fiancé, Matthew, does not approve of her new gig.

Lula’s adopted brother John Bristow hires Strike to investigate her death. The two have a history: Strike was friends with Charlie, Bristow’s brother, as a child. Beginning his investigation, Strike catches a ride with Lula’s driver Nico who mentions that Lula was with her friend Rochelle the day she died. The women had a piece of paper that would “piss people off big time.”

The investigator on Lula’s case is D.I. Eric Wardle, who doesn’t suspect foul play. Although he believes Lula killed herself, Strike doesn’t trust the police investigation and decides to officially take the case.

The building concierge, Derrick Wilson lets Robin and Strike into Lula’s flat. Thinking back on the information they have, Robin finds it odd that Lula changed her clothes before jumping. The two take note of a book called The Political History of Ghana. Although hesitant to do so, Wilson brings them to the swimming pool where they meet another resident of the building, Tansy Bestigui. Tansy denies hearing anything the night Lula died, but claims she saw her fall. 

Robin tells Strike that she is looking for a full-time job. He’s impressed by her work and is pleased when Robin offers to stay on.

Strike waits for Tansy to show up at a restaurant, but Lula’s uncle, Tony Landry, comes instead. A lawyer representing the Bestiguis as well as his own family, Tony advises Strike to stay away from the case. He believes Strike is feeding into John’s delusions by investigating Lula’s death.

Pleased that Strike is taking the case, John mentions that Lula’s relationship with Tony was strained over her boyfriend, Evan Duffield. He claims not to know her friend Rochelle.

By creating a diversion at the hostel where Rochelle used to live, Strike is able to find her personal information and set up a surprise meeting. Strike catches Rochelle on the phone telling someone about the meeting before she runs off.

After Robin helps him obtain Rochelle’s current address, Strike heads to the young woman’s apartment. He finds her submerged face down in the bathtub. He burns his hands in the water as he tries to resuscitate her, but it is too late. Rochelle is dead.