C.B. Strike

S1 E7 Career Of Evil: Part II

Career Of Evil: Part II

Written by Tom Edge

Directed by Charles Sturridge

Adapted from the book by Robert Galbraith

A newly surfaced photo places Strike at a cafe with Kelsey. Police bring him in for questioning and Strike suggests he was framed.  

Hunting for clues at strip clubs, Strike discovers Brockbank was recently fired from his job as a bouncer and lives with a stripper named Alyssa and her children.   

Strike finds Laing in his apartment building. Noting Laing now uses a walker and has a limp, Strike crosses him off the list of suspects.

Robin has dinner with her mom who gives her 500 pounds to either use toward her own flat or to buy wedding shoes. Instead, Robin gives the money to Strike so he can pay the bills.  

At their flat, Matthew calls his actions unforgivable and tells Robin she is the love of his life. The next morning, Strike drops by and is surprised to find the wedding is back on. Robin lets him know she’ll be out of town for dress fittings.

Strike visits Kelsey’s home, where she lived with her sister Hazel and Hazel’s boyfriend Ray. Hazel shows Strike a picture of Ray on a fishing trip the weekend Kelsey died. Around the teen’s room, Strike finds newspaper clippings about himself. The police aren’t happy to hear from Ray that Strike went to Kelsey’s on his own.  

While Robin is away, Matthew discovers a human toe in their kettle. Worried about Robin’s safety, Matthew asks Strike to let her go — Strike refuses.

Pursuing other leads, Robin finds Whittaker’s beat up girlfriend, and invites her to lunch. She learns his band was away at a gig the night Kelsey was killed. While reporting back to Strike over the phone, Robin is attacked and cut, but fends off the assailant. Both Strike and Matthew urge her to rest.

Ray tells Hazel not to trust Strike. He leaves the house with his usual limp, but once a short distance away, walks with ease.

Ignoring Strike’s request, Robin drops by Alyssa’s with Shanker posted outside as backup. Brockbank comes home and attacks Robin, and Alyssa runs upstairs. Her daughter admits Brockbank abuses her. Shanker stops Brockbank from hurting Robin, but Brockbank gets away. Having lost their chief suspect, Strike fires Robin for gross misconduct.

At his mother’s grave, Strike notices a plant that reminds him of Ray’s alibi photo. The plant is sea holly, which only blooms in warmer seasons. Reviewing the clues, Strike figures out Ray is actually Laing in disguise.

Dressed as a maintenance person, Strike enters Laing’s apartment and finds it full of frozen severed body parts and knives. Laing attacks, but Strike is able to get him in handcuffs. The facts become clear: Laing used a series of disguises to create the Ray persona, and the photo of Ray’s alibi was staged. When Laing robbed his ex-girlfriend’s neighbor, Mrs. Williams, he stole the identity of her son, and targeted a girl who had a crush on Strike.

Separately, the police picked up Niall Brockbank. With his name cleared, Strike tracks down Brittany Brockbank to tell her her dad is finally going to jail.

Strike and Shanker speed to Robin and Matthew’s wedding in Yorkshire. Strike gets to the wedding and knocks over flowers just as Robin is about to say, “I do.” She sees him and goes ahead with her vows. Robin gives Strike a smile as she walks down the aisle with Matthew.