Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself


S4 E37 Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself

Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself

After Deputy Cruz fails to take down Carrie, Burton goes to Cruz’s home and kills her.

In another court-mandated therapy session, Carrie finally opens up and admits to her therapist that she’s never stopped loving Lucas. The therapist advises Carrie to finish Gordon’s fight against Proctor, because until she makes peace with the past, she’ll never be the parent she needs to be.

Lucas and Brock partner up to search for Declan, now that he’s taken Dawson. Lucas gets Job to pull info off of the phone found on the acolyte who burned herself at the Banshee Sheriff’s Department. Job traces the last few phone calls to Kim Newton’s (Lilith’s) house.

When the Brotherhood steals Proctor’s drug stash, Burton kills several members of the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Proctor meets with someone to discuss his “personnel issues” with the loss of Brotherhood manpower.

Declan isn’t accustomed to having a captive who isn’t afraid of him. While he’s willing to engage in conversation with Dawson and admits that he actually likes her, he makes it clear that he plans to kill her anyway.

Furious that Maggie left him, Calvin reveals his true nature to his office co-workers, taking off his shirt to uncover his tattoos and beating his boss to a pulp.

Lucas and Brock search Lilith’s property, but find an empty house. When they look in her garage, they’re taken by surprise by Dr. Quick, who knocks them unconscious and dopes them up.

Brock and Lucas come-to and find themselves in a room adjacent to the basement where Declan is preparing Dawson for a ritual killing. Lucas is handcuffed to a thick pipe and Brock is similarly constrained. Convinced that this is the end, Brock demands to know who exactly “Lucas Hood” is. Lucas finally admits to Brock that he’s a thief—that he stole the identity of the real sheriff and conned his way into Banshee law enforcement.

“If you’re not Lucas Hood, what’s your name?” – Brock

Declan interrupts Lucas’ confession, coming into the room with Dr. Quick to inform them that they will be attending a ritual killing. Alone with Dr. Quick, Brock kicks the surgeon towards Lucas, who then uses his legs to strangle Dr. Quick unconscious. Getting the handcuff keys, Lucas and Brock storm the room where Dawson is being held, taking Declan’s acolytes down. After battering Declan to a pulp, Lucas lets Dawson have the killing shot.

Seeking out personal vengeance, Job pays Leo Fitzpatrick a visit. He reveals to Leo that he’s swapped their identities. Now anytime one of Job’s many enemies tries to find him, they’ll come up with Leo’s fingerprints, location, and face. Job leaves Leo to panic at the prospect of a very short life.