Only One Way a Dogfight Ends


S4 E36 Only One Way a Dogfight Ends

Only One Way a Dogfight Ends

One of Declan’s acolytes arrives at the Banshee Sheriff’s Department. Before lighting herself on fire, she passes along a message to Brock: “He wants you to know he won’t stop. Taking those girls is just the beginning. He wants you to see. You will all see.”

Lucas snoops around Agent Dawson’s hotel room and discovers her crack pipe. Dawson emerges from the bathroom and unabashedly explains that she picked up the habit while working undercover.

At Carrie’s house, Job begins to return to his pre-captivity self, putting on some of Carrie’s clothing and applying makeup. He’s interrupted by the sound of an intruder. It turns out to be Deva. She’s decided—court order be damned—to move back home.

Dawson and Lucas bust into the makeshift medical office of Dr. Quick, a doctor who performs body modification surgeries. Lucas swipes a digital camera on the way out of the office, which has images of all the doctor’s procedures—including Declan’s horn implants.

Deputy Cruz informs Proctor of her suspicions that Carrie is behind the attacks on his men. Proctor seeks Carrie out at the courthouse and issues a thinly veiled warning that she should stop doling out vigilante justice.

Dawson and Lucas question the bartender at Threshold nightclub, who’s able to identify Declan’s picture on Dr. Quick’s camera. Back in her hotel room, Dawson finds out that Declan has a prior—a conviction of statutory rape. She and Lucas will have to wait for a court order to get the victim’s name unsealed. While they wait, Dawson tries to get a read on Lucas, and they end up having sex.

Calvin delivers Watt’s head to Proctor and tells him the conditions of their new deal: “Everything that’s yours is now ours.”

Needing to get out of the office, Brock takes Bunker’s patrol. He’s knocked unconscious by Declan. When Brock comes to, Declan looms over him, threatening him with a knife at his throat before disappearing into the shadows.

Cruz and a band of men storm Carrie’s house. Deva ends up shooting one of the men dead. Meanwhile, Cruz and Carrie fight tooth and nail against each other, trashing the house in the process. Badly beaten, Cruz manages to escape.

Lucas wakes up in Dawson’s hotel to a call from Deva and rushes off to Carrie’s house.

After waking up to an empty hotel room, Dawson gets the name of Declan’s rape victim—Kim Newton. Going to interview Kim alone, Dawson is suspicious. She leaves Kim’s house and calls Lucas, leaving a voicemail saying her “bullshit meter is ringing.” The message is interrupted when Kim knocks her unconscious. Dawson wakes up to find that she’s been strung up like all the other female victims, with Declan standing in front of her.