S4 E34 Bloodletting


Lilith and Declan, a satan-worshiping couple, have been the cause of the mysterious deaths plaguing Banshee—including Rebecca’s murder. They hold another girl captive in their home and sacrifice her in a satanic ritual.

In a flashback, Rebecca dresses Lucas’ wounds from their fight with the Boedeker crew. Lucas tries to convince her that she could leave Banshee and start a new life.
Rebecca makes a move on Lucas, and Lucas reciprocates.

Carrie goes to visit Lucas at the Banshee Sheriff’s Department and tells Lucas she knows he’s innocent. Outside the Sheriff’s Department, Bunker passes Carrie a file that details Proctor’s local drug processing and distribution facility. Deputy Cruz clocks the interaction.

Livid at the revelation of Rebecca and Lucas’ relationship, Proctor tries to get Lucas released into his custody. Brock threatens to shoot Proctor if he takes Lucas out of the jail cell. The tension is broken by the arrival of Veronica Dawson, an FBI agent in the Violent Crimes Unit. Veronica sends Proctor on his way, and Lucas stays in jail.

Veronica tries to question Lucas but he remains uncooperative. Still, Veronica is able to get enough of a read on him to know he didn’t kill Rebecca. She tells Brock to keep Lucas in custody for a little while longer so that she has a head start on the investigation.

Struggling with PTSD from his time in captivity, Job goes with Carrie on her one-woman drug bust of Proctor’s facility. While he stays in the car, Carrie goes after the Brotherhood guards and burns the place to the ground.

When another girl’s body is discovered—killed in the same fashion as Rebecca—Brock and Veronica release Lucas from jail.