The Book of Job


S4 E33 The Book of Job

The Book of Job

Job is being held prisoner at a black site, undergoing vicious rounds of torture.

In a flashback, Bunker is laid up in the intensive care burn unit after Calvin burned the tattoo off his chest with a blowtorch. Released from the hospital, Bunker gets a visit from Calvin's wife Maggie, who gives Bunker her number in case he ever needs anything. The two begin having an affair.

Carrie goes with Fat Au to visit Lucas at his cabin. They’ve singled out a private contractor, Leo Fitzpatrick, as a person who was unaccounted for on Stowe’s base the day Job was taken.

Proctor asks Deputy Cruz to figure out who’s doling out vigilante justice to people the DA is letting off.

Finding Leo Fitzpatrick teaching at a university, Lucas, Carrie and Fat Au chase him down and bring him back to Sugar’s bar for questioning. Leo reveals that they may be able to broker a deal with the private contractor—Hightower—who’s running the black site where Job is being held.

At a diner outside Banshee, Proctor spots a homeless girl and offers to buy her some food. He puts her up in Rebecca’s old room for the night, but when he catches her trying to leave with stolen goods from his home, Proctor flies into a rage. Hallucinating and imagining her to be Rebecca, Proctor chokes the girl before she’s able to make her escape.

Brock goes to the morgue and learns from the coroner that Rebecca was pregnant at the time of her death with Lucas’ baby.

Lucas, Carrie, and Fat Au arrive at an industrial wasteland to buy Job’s freedom. They send Leo over to Hightower with a duffle bag filled with the money they stole at Genoa. Hightower reneges on their agreement, and security forces surround them. Fat Au had prepared for this, and signals to snipers stationed in the area. As Hightower’s forces go down, Leo makes off with the money.

Brock interrupts Job’s homecoming at Sugar’s bar, arresting Lucas for Rebecca’s murder.