The Burden of Beauty


S4 E32 The Burden of Beauty

The Burden of Beauty

“The Burden of Beauty”
Written by Adam Targum

Brock, Bunker and Nina Cruz bust a production group that casts underage girls in pornography, then drugs and rapes them. When they return to the sheriff's department, Proctor is waiting for them. He warns Brock: “I don’t need to remind you who put you in charge here and kept you in charge, do I?”

Proctor confronts Calvin for keeping his production company a secret to avoid cutting Proctor into the profits. The raid that Brock spearheaded served as a warning against future secrets.

Carrie meets Lucas at the gate bordering her property—one of the many fortifications she’s set up. Letting Lucas into her new home, Carrie shows him the map she’s created, marking out her continued search for Job. Lucas tells Carrie that he’s sorry. When Carrie asks, “For what?” Lucas tells her, “Everything.”

In a flashback, Rebecca tells Lucas that, unbeknownst to her uncle, she enlisted Aaron Boedeker to deal meth on the side. Boedecker broke the conditions of their agreement by dealing in Banshee. She asks Lucas to help her shut Boedecker down. When Lucas refuses, Rebecca heads off alone. Easily outmaneuvered by the Boedeker gang, Rebecca is brutally beaten up, but Lucas swoops in at the last minute to save her, getting shot in the process. The two pile into Rebecca’s car, and then Rebecca proceeds to the hospital, playing up her own injuries in order to steal supplies to tend to Lucas’ wounds herself.

Lucas locates Aaron Boedeker’s nephew, LJ, performing at a dive bar. Brock shows up on the scene as well, having followed Lucas. When LJ spots the sheriff, he tries to make a run for it, but Lucas nabs him and drives off. At Sugar’s bar, LJ admits that he and Rebecca had a thing but swears he didn’t kill her. He tells Lucas that Rebecca was terrified of Proctor, adding, “You want to know what happened to Rebecca? Ask that motherf*cker.”

Proctor meets with Loera, a representative from the Colombian cartel. Harboring the ambition to become the exclusive East Coast supplier for the cartel, Proctor agrees to prove his worth by supplying Loera with three tons of pills in 14 days.

Lucas’ blood sample comes back from the lab as an exact match for the blood found in the backseat of Rebecca’s car. Not knowing that the blood is actually from the time that Lucas got shot saving Rebecca from Aaron Boedeker, Brock assumes that this is evidence against him in the murder investigation.

Learning from Lucas that LJ was sleeping with his niece, Proctor seeks LJ out and kills him.

In an unknown location, Job lies naked and beaten, but very much alive.