Something Out Of The Bible


S4 E31 Something Out Of The Bible

Something Out Of The Bible

Brock follows the coordinates on a GPS through the woods to an old hunting cabin that appears to be abandoned. Entering the cabin, he’s shocked to find himself facing down the barrel of a gun at Lucas Hood. Two years have passed, and while Lucas has transformed into a reclusive mountain man, Brock has been made sheriff of Banshee.

At the sheriff’s department, Brock reveals that Rebecca has been murdered and the last coordinates on her GPS brought him up to Lucas’ cabin. Lucas tells Brock that he hasn’t seen Rebecca in months, but that the cabin he’s living in belongs to Proctor.

Now the mayor of Banshee, Proctor holds a press conference on Rebecca’s murder, asserting that neither he nor the sheriff’s department will rest until they find “this sick, twisted bastard.”

Carrie meets with a court-mandated therapist—she’s lost custody of her children for violating the terms of her probation. At the same time, she has taken on the role of town vigilante.

In a flashback, recollecting his failure to rescue Job and the long string of violent events in his past, a drunk Lucas trashes a motel room and is on the verge of committing suicide. Rebecca finds him passed out in the room and sets him up in the hunting cabin—without Proctor’s permission.

Going to the crime scene where Rebecca’s body was found, Lucas runs into Proctor, who tells Lucas that he’s hampered in his ability to investigate the murder by his role as mayor. Proctor adds that if he were able to “clarify” the circumstances around Rebecca’s death, he would look into Aaron Boedeker.

After learning from Brock that Lucas is back, Carrie flashes back several months, recalling when she and Lucas went to Dalton’s house in search of information about Job’s whereabouts. With a gun pointed to his head and under threat of torture, Dalton tells them that Job is dead. Killing Dalton, Lucas and Carrie flee the property as security forces arrive on the scene. Safely at Sugar’s bar, Lucas tells Carrie and Sugar that there’s nothing else to do--Job is dead—their search is over.

Lucas cuts his hair and shaves his beard. He then searches out Aaron Boedeker. After Lucas beats him up, Boedeker tells him that he didn’t kill Rebecca, but points him in the direction of his nephew, LJ, who was sleeping with her. When Lucas leaves the house, he’s surrounded by Boedeker’s crew. Brock swoops in and invokes the sheriff’s badge to save Lucas. After the Boedeker gang disperses, Brock informs Lucas that he is officially a “person of interest” in Rebecca’s case.