S3 E25 Tribal


Chayton and the Redbones' siege of the Cadi pins down the Banshee Sheriff's department. Proctor and his lawyer, Jackson Sperling; DA Alison Medding; and Kurt Bunker, the former neo-Nazi who Lucas hires on the spot as a deputy, are caught inside too. Bunker and Alma head to the attic to provide cover fire and form a very unlikely bond. Medding joins the BSD in their defensive measures and proves to be handy with a gun.

Sperling attempts to spring Proctor from his cell and is shot dead by a Redbone bullet. Needing all the help he can get, Lucas tosses Proctor a gun, but Proctor manages to slip away from the scene using a Redbone as human shield. He races home to see his dying mother but arrives too late.

Brock sneaks out of the Cadi through a rear exit and radios the state police to come to their aid while Lucas covers him. Inside the Cadi, Siobhan and Billy Raven make a final stand against Chayton, who is dead-set on making Raven pay for the death of his younger brother. When Raven is hit by an arrow, Siobhan hides him in a trunk and kills one of the last invading Redbones – only to find herself facing Chayton alone.

In the aftermath of the siege, Lucas enters the Cadi to find Chayton holding Siobhan captive. He looks on helplessly as Chayton snaps her neck.