Real Life is the Nightmare


S3 E24 Real Life is the Nightmare

Real Life is the Nightmare

After finding out Hood's true identity, a furious Siobhan throws him out of her trailer. Believing his cover to be blown, Lucas prepares to say goodbye to Banshee. He visits Deva, who is following her parents' footsteps into a life of crime, and Carrie, who has quit her job as her reckless spiral continues.

Gordon, trying to reassert control of his own life, decides to withdraw his plea deal to Proctor. Brock confronts his ex-wife, Emily, about taking care of Proctor's dying mother and entering into the gangster's orbit.

Burton and Rebecca escalate matters with the Redbones. They stake out the men picking up Tommy Littlestone's body from the county morgue. Following the van, they force it off the road and torch the men inside.

On his way out of town, Lucas is haunted by the thought of Proctor getting off scot-free. He storms the Savoy Club and goes after Proctor with guns blazing. Another vicious fight ensues and Lucas gains the upper hand, all set to kill Proctor – until Brock intervenes at the last second. Brock arrests Kai for assaulting an officer, hauling him off to jail while his mother takes a turn for the worse.

After booking Proctor at the Cadi, Lucas confronts Siobhan. She won't reveal his identity for the sake of the department, but demands that he resign as sheriff and leave town. Lucas accepts her terms, but they quickly find themselves under attack. A war-painted Chayton and his Redbones have laid siege to the Cadi.