A Fixer of Sorts


S3 E23 A Fixer of Sorts

A Fixer of Sorts

Seeking justice for her brother's murder, Nola Longshadow shows up at Proctor's mansion. In a battle to the death with Burton, Nola finds herself on the losing end.

Sugar and Job take the next step in their heist-planning by scoping out a security company in Sterling, Virginia. Gordon Hopewell cleans up, but nonetheless clashes with Carrie after a conference with one of Deva's teachers.

Disappointed in the Redbones' failure at Proctor’s mansion, Tommy Littlestone spearheads a second strike at Proctor against his brother Chayton's orders. This time, an attack at The Savoy Gentlemen's Club wraps up the Banshee deputies, who scramble to respond without their M.I.A. sheriff. In the chaos, Billy Raven reluctantly shoots and kills Tommy.

Special Agent Robert Phillips arrests Lucas and plans to take him to New York City, but that plan is derailed when Brantley abducts them both. In an office built on a tractor trailer, Brantley tortures Lucas and interrogates him about the whereabouts of Jason Hood. Then, after his men take Phillips away to be executed, Lucas turns the tables on Brantley, sending him to a grisly end under the wheels of his rolling office. Racing back home, a pang of conscience leads Lucas to detour and save the doomed Phillips – only to learn that Phillips has already planted a bombshell with Siobhan Kelly that could destroy everything.