Snakes and Whatnot


S3 E22 Snakes and Whatnot

Snakes and Whatnot

Lucas, Carrie, Job and Sugar start planning for the military base heist. Carrie breaks off her affair with the base's commanding officer, Colonel Stowe – but not before Lucas discovers their connection. Reformed Neo-Nazi Kurt Bunker comes to the Cadi seeking a deputy job, but Lucas tells him it's already been filled.

Proctor, Rebecca and Clay Burton are visited by Ohio gangsters, looking to resolve the drug territory dispute that emerged in Proctor's absence – but Rebecca's impulsiveness leads to a bloodbath. When Proctor's mother fails to show for their regular meeting, Proctor learns she's fallen ill. As her condition deteriorates, Proctor takes her off the farm and into his home, where Brock's ex-wife, Emily, comes to work as a hospice nurse.

While Proctor attends to his mother, Chayton sends his men to abduct Rebecca, but Burton intervenes and their mission fails. Following up on the attack, Lucas and his deputy Billy Raven visit the Kinaho reservation and scrape with a group of Redbones before Aimee King – Raven's former colleague at the Kinaho Police Department – arrives and breaks up the fight. She takes them to meet her lazy boss, "Yaz," who warns Lucas to stay out of Kinaho affairs.

Deva shows up at Lucas' doorstep. When he doesn't know what to do with her, she storms out. After she leaves there's another knock at the door – a surprise visitor who trains a gun on Lucas' face.