The Fire Trials


S3 E21 The Fire Trials

The Fire Trials

Lucas, Siobhan and Brock track down the skinhead responsible for Emmett's death. He admits to killing their friend, but expects the police to let him go. Out of uniform and not acting on official business, Lucas, Siobhan, and Brock kill him execution-style instead.

Deva and her friends break into a head shop to steal money to buy drugs. When Lucas shows up, he lets her friends go, then coaches Deva through all the things she did wrong. He brings her back home to an anxious Gordon, who's barely holding it together.

Carrie is also on edge. She spends her days working as a waitress in a diner and her nights cracking safes. She's sleeping with Colonel Stowe, the commanding officer of Camp Genoa, a military base on the outskirts of Banshee.

In the morning, Burton knocks on Proctor's door, where he's in bed with his niece Rebecca. Kai introduces her to the day-to-day operations of his business, including the man in their basement that Burton has tortured for information.

The Redbones gather in the woods to discuss changing with the times. Chayton emerges from the darkness and fights with the gang's leader to reassert his dominance. He leads them in a fierce attack on an armored military vehicle on its way to Camp Genoa.

In the aftermath, Lucas meets with Col. Stowe at Camp Genoa and quickly realizes the base is actually staffed with mercenaries moving millions of dollars of undocumented cash. He calls in Job to prepare for another big score.