S2 E19 Homecoming


Job tracks down Rabbit's location to an old church in New York City. As soon as he has the old man in his sights, a priest -- Rabbit's brother Yulish -- pulls a gun behind him. The priest's men try to extract information from Job, but he dispatches them easily and makes another run at Rabbit. Finding a room full of armed men, Job turns and makes his escape through the bowels of the church and a slew of Rabbit's thugs. When he finally gets outside, he's struck by a passing taxi.

Burton kills Sharp, the white supremacist, for giving information about Proctor to the police. He then tries to do the same to Juliet, but Rebecca has already warned her to leave town. With the key witness against Proctor gone, Hood has to rely on Alex Longshadow to take him down. Alex says as much to Rebecca and kisses her. He wants her on his side.

Brock meets with Gordon to show him what he's got on Hood: The sheriff blew up Proctor's drug lab when he couldn't find a way to tie it to the criminal himself. At home, Gordon finally takes Carrie back and she begins to explain her family story.

Job wakes up in the hospital and calls Hood for help. In bed with Siobhan, Lucas tells her he has to leave and doesn't know when he'll be back. He goes to the Cadi and gives his badge to Brock. When Lucas goes to pick up Carrie in her home, Gordon answers the door. Having finally started to put his family life back together, Gordon snaps and pulls a gun on Hood. As the situation escalates, Carrie blurts out that Lucas is Deva's father. She calmly tells Gordon she has to go to New York to kill her own father. In the truck, she tells Lucas she meant what she said, "Either he dies or we do; nothing less."

Carrie and Lucas arrive at the hospital just as Rabbit's men, dressed as priests, are preparing to kill Job. In a dangerous public shootout, they manage to take out the assassins. When the police arrive, Carrie and Lucas sneak Job out past the watchful eyes of Detective Julius Bonner. Regrouping in a hotel room, they realize if they're going after Rabbit, they're going to need more guns.