The Truth About Unicorns


S2 E15 The Truth About Unicorns

The Truth About Unicorns

Carrie is released from prison and Lucas is the only one who comes to pick her up. On their drive back to Banshee, they pick up a tail. They stop in at an idyllic small town fair and spend a quiet afternoon together eating ice cream and casing a local jewelry shop, experiencing a small slice of the life they could have shared together. Lucas makes the tail, but when he approaches the car, the driver turns out to be a suburban woman with groceries.

They continue on their way and Lucas suggests taking a detour. He brings Carrie to a house on the side of a dirt road

In the morning, Lucas hears something in the woods behind the house. He sneaks up behind the visitor

Under a barrage of gunfire, Lucas and Carrie manage to sneak outside and take cover in the tall grass outside the house. Lucas creates a distraction as Carrie takes out the masked assailant. They discover she's the suburban woman from the fair, and one of Rabbit's assailants. Turning around, they see their dream house engulfed in flames.

Back in Banshee, Carrie and Lucas realize that Rabbit isn't going to stop coming after them until they're both dead...unless they kill him first.