The Warrior Class


S2 E13 The Warrior Class

The Warrior Class

A Kinaho girl named Lana Cleary is found murdered on Amish land with a hatchet in her skull. Solomon Bowman, the Amish boy she was with at the time, has gone missing. The crime scene turns even uglier as the Kinaho accuse the Amish folk of hiding the boy. Lucas and the Banshee Sheriff's Department put in some legwork and learn that Lana had an ex-boyfriend named Tommy Littlestone. When Lucas leads a charge onto the reservation (and out of the BSD's jurisdiction) to interview the boy, he receives a hostile greeting from Chayton Littlestone, Tommy's older brother and leader of the Redbones gang. Chayton is a tough son of a bitch and fights like one. It takes three men, a taser, and a nightstick to bring down the enormous Native American.

Back at the Cadi, Lucas receives a visitor named Jason - the son of the real Lucas Hood. When Jason wonders aloud why he should keep Lucas's identity a secret, Lucas pulls a gun on him. He decides to try a different tack with the boy and brings him to lunch at Sugar's instead. Lucas agrees to help Jason secure a new identity as long as he promises to lay low and leave town. Sugar opts for a less friendly tone, threatening to bury him next to his father if he causes any trouble.

Kai returns to his childhood home to offer his help finding Solomon. At the same time, a group of Kinaho men arrive, threatening the nonviolent Amish with baseball bats. Kai, who's eschewed the pacifist principles of his upbringing, singlehandedly takes out three of the men. Burton urges the others to go home. Kai's mother Leah speaks to her son for the first time in years, asking him to help find the boy.

While trying to find information about Solomon's whereabouts, Rebecca is attacked by a large man in a hood. She runs from his grip and finds Lucas, who rushes into the woods to find the attacker. The hooded man sneaks up on Lucas from behind and smashes his head with a branch. A dizzied Lucas manages to shoot him in the leg as he runs away.

Seeing her boss in distress, Siobhan volunteers to drive him home and feed him. Against their better judgment, they finally act on their long-simmering sexual tension.