The Thunder Man


S2 E12 The Thunder Man

The Thunder Man

At the Cadi, Siobhan is approached by her ex-husband, Breece. He wants her to lift the restraining order she has against him so he can get a job. Breece presents himself a changed man, telling her, "When I left I was angry and drunk. I'm neither of those things anymore." Siobhan tells Emmett she's skeptical, but contemplates the offer. Siobhan reflects on Breece's violent past with her as she takes aim at the shooting range.

Carrie is sentenced to 30 days in prison as Deva looks on from the back of the courtroom. Carrie tries to reach out to her daughter before she leaves, but Deva rebuffs her. Meanwhile, Gordon becomes increasingly undone. He tries to start a fight with Lucas at the courthouse and spends his nights in the parking lot of the Savoy Gentlemen's Club.

Alex Longshadow faces a challenge, and potential coup from the Kinaho Tribal Council. Asserting himself, he blows up a truck of cattle in retaliation for the truck heist he believes Proctor carried out.

Rebecca visits The Forge looking for Lucas. When she sees he's not there, she's harassed by a group of Marines. They're swiftly taken out by Nola Longshadow, who then chloroforms Rebecca and brings her back to the Kinaho casino.

Proctor arrives at Lucas's looking for Rebecca, but discovers that it's Alex who has her. Kai calls in Lucas's debt (for his assistance with Rabbit's men), and sends him to retrieve Rebecca. With Job's voice in his earpiece, Hood storms the casino, taking out one guard at a time. After a grueling series of fights, he comes face to face with Nola, who holds him at gunpoint. Lucas convinces Alex to let Rebecca go, much to Nola's disappointment. Hood takes Rebecca back to Proctor's home, but warns her to stay away from her uncle. Later that night, Proctor and Burton dump the blown-up and bloody cow parts into Alex's hot tub, and warn him to stay away from his family.

Carrie comes to The Forge the night before she goes away. She tells Lucas that she's not worried about heading to prison, but about losing her family. Lucas drives her to the prison and flashes back to his own incarcerated days. Carrie is quickly noticed by the other inmates, who dub her "Malibu Barbie." When they refuse to leave her alone, Carrie puts her inner rage into action, savagely beating one with a lunch tray and ripping out pieces of her hair.

Breece shows up, uninvited, to fix Siobhan's house, calling her "Squirrel," his pet name for her. She tells him off again, but later that night, he appears inside her trailer drunkenly preparing dinner. When he turns threatening, Siobhan produces her gun and Breece gets violent. Later that night, she arrives at his motel room to "apologize." Instead, she beats the everloving crap out of him, first with a nightstick, then with a Bible. Lucas arrives on the scene and agrees to take the fall for her. "For the last four years, there wasn't a day when I didn't imagine some version of this playing out," Siobhan tells her boss. "It feels better than I imagined." Then she kisses him.