We Shall Live Forever


S1 E8 We Shall Live Forever

We Shall Live Forever

Carrie wakes up after spending the night-and morning--with Lucas. She prepares to leave, but Lucas begs "Ana" to stay. "That person, Ana, is dead," she tells him; last night was her way of saying goodbye. Lucas gets Carrie to admit that Deva is, in fact, his child, but she tells him that if he ever loved her, he'll leave Carrie and her family alone. If he doesn't, she warns, "I'll kill you myself."

Carrie walks out and hears someone following her. It's Mr. Rabbit's henchman Olek, who then forces her into the trunk of his car at gunpoint. As Olek prepares to drive away, Lucas smashes his window and points a gun at him.

Rebecca Bowman is kicked out of her family home and shunned after her father turns up evidence she's living a double life. With nowhere else to go, she shows up at her uncle's house, and is welcomed with open arms. Kai leaves her alone to visit Benjamin Longshadow on his deathbed. He tries to be respectful to the chief's son, Alex, who regards him icily. Proctor then visits his old home on Amish farmland, where he castigates his family for doing to Rebecca what they did to him years ago.

Cuffed in Lucas' apartment, Olek admits to tipping off Rabbit about Lucas and Ana's plan to betray him years ago. Just then, Rebecca shows up and Lucas offers her a lift, hoping to get rid of her. When he drops her off, she kisses him--and Proctor's man Burton sees the whole thing from afar.

Left alone, Carrie tells Olek that she knows he's always loved her. He tells Carrie she should run-because he's uncuffed himself. The two engage in a bloody, exhausting fight, matching each other at every turn.

Gordon, realizing his wife never came home, searches their bedroom desperately for clues to her mysterious past. After turning the place upside-down and finding nothing, he spots a locket with a picture of a house. He lights up a joint and Deva enters the room, wondering what is going on. The conversation is awkward, but Gordon tells her everything is going to be all right.

Rebecca is showering in Kai's home when he returns. He storms in and throws her to the bed, calling her a whore for going to see Lucas. He wants her gone, but Rebecca apologizes profusely, saying her uncle is all she has left.

Increasingly battered and bloody, Carrie picks up a broken wood plank to stab Olek with, but he turns it into her side. As he picks up her body, she manages to grab the plank and stabs him in the back. They lay on the floor, blood draining out them, and Carrie recalls happier times she spent with Olek and Lucas. With her last bit of strength, she brings the plank down into Olek's neck, killing him.

Lucas arrives home and finds Carrie on the floor, unconscious and covered in blood.