The Kindred


S1 E5 The Kindred

The Kindred

Written by Jonathan Tropper & David Schickler; Directed by SJ Clarkson

A band of marauding bikers known as the Kindred make their way into Banshee. At the annual Banshee Spirit Festival, Carrie catches their eye, and they force her into an alley where they hold her at gunpoint. Sugar sees what's happening and tries to calm the situation. He takes out two of the bikers before he's hit from behind with a pipe. The gang leaves one of their men, Tally, alone with Carrie to give him a "moment of intimacy." Noticing the commotion, Siobhan arrives on the scene and finds Tally attempting to rape Carrie. He tries to drop his gun at Siobhan's command, but Carrie doesn't let him, and Siobhan is forced to shoot him dead.

FBI agent Dean Xavier meets with the Banshee Sheriff's Department. The FBI has an interest in Proctor's indictment, and since the chief witness against Proctor, Arno Weber, was taken on Deputy Lotus's watch, Agent Xavier was sent to monitor the situation.

In their hideout, the Kindred discuss moving on, but their Malcolm Gladwell-reading leader refuses. "We won't leave," he tells his crew, "until Tally is avenged." The next day, they ride through the town and terrorize the festival. Lucas and Brock are caught off-guard as the bikers beat their way through the crowd, but Rebecca Bowman manages to stab one of them as he rides by.

At a contentious Town Hall meeting, Proctor offers to have his private security guards protect the festival, but Lucas says he has it under control. The Amish elders make Rebecca confess her crime to the sheriff, but Lucas won't take her in-she was protecting herself. Later that night, she shows up at Lucas' place "to get her knife back."

The Kindred continue to stalk Siobhan for killing their man. They slash her car tires at work and confront her at home. After drawing her outside with gunfire, they set burn her house to the ground. As Lucas comforts his deputy, Proctor calls him in to show the sheriff that he's found one of the gang members--and convinced the thug to give up the location of the others.

Lucas, armed with police batons, arrives at the hideout by himself. He proceeds to take out the bikers one by one, leaving their erudite leader for last. He has Job deliver their unconscious bodies to Cleveland, where there is a warrant for their arrest. The next morning, Siobhan receives an envelope from her boss containing the Kindred's rings.

As the festival carries on peacefully, Carrie and Lucas sit together on a park bench, while her husband Gordon looks on from a building overhead. Agent Xavier investigates Hanson's missing hand, the main piece of evidence against Proctor--unaware that Lucas traded it to Proctor in exchange for the Kindred's whereabouts.