A Mixture of Madness


S1 E10 A Mixture of Madness

A Mixture of Madness

Lucas comes under heavy fire at the Cadi. He takes cover behind a car as three of Rabbit's machine gun-wielding thugs close in on him. Lucas empties his clip and anticipates the worst, but when the gunfire dies down, it's Proctor who's standing there--he's taken out all of Rabbit's men. "Guess you owe me one," he tells the sheriff.

Agent Xavier arrives at the Cadi in the morning to piece together what went down. Rather than explain, Lucas turns in his badge to Brock. He calls Rabbit and arranges a deal: Lucas will surrender if Rabbit leaves Carrie's family alone.

Proctor is attacked in his wine cellar by his former bodyguard, Jeffrey Thompson. Burton turns up just in time to save his boss and gets Thompson to give up the man who hired him--Alex Longshadow. Later, as Alex dines with his sister Nola, he receives a package on his doorstep: Thompson's head.

Carrie joins Job and Sugar at The Forge to search satellite maps of Banshee for Rabbit's whereabouts. Gordon shows up to let Carrie know that Max has been returned; Lucas traded his own life for Rabbit to forgive Carrie. Rabbit tortures Lucas at an abandoned metalwork factory, which Job locates, using the tracker he'd once placed on Lucas's phone. As Job and Sugar prep for a rescue mission, Gordon tells Carrie she needs to put her family first--but she goes with them anyway. They're stopped en route by the deputies, but Carrie convinces Brock, Emmett, and Siobhan to join their operation.

At the metalworks, Carrie takes out the first two guards with ruthless efficiency. The crew gets pinned down in a firefight with Rabbit's men, as Carrie makes her own way around the back. Sugar and Brock are shot and wounded and Yawners is running out of ammo when Carrie appears and takes out the rest of the men singlehandedly.

Hearing the noise, Rabbit ramps up his torture of Lucas, driving a knife inside his stomach and chest. Carrie bursts inside and looks Rabbit in the eye. "Goodbye daddy," she says before shooting him twice in the chest.

In the aftermath, Lucas, Sugar and Brock recuperate from their injuries in the hospital. Rabbit's body is never found on the crime scene, but the FBI speculates that he died nearby.  Gordon, still reeling from all of the lies Carrie has told him, takes the kids and leaves Carrie to recuperate alone. Proctor sends a message to Longshadow by blowing up the casino construction site, where, unbeknownst to him, Mayor Kendall has been sitting inside.

The Moody brothers, out hunting one morning, discover a dead body in the woods and the understaffed Banshee sheriff's department is called in. Agent Xavier, who has been keeping them on a tight leash, tells Yawners that a special investigator is being assigned to get to the bottom of what went down at the metalworks. They examine the dead body with a hole in its hand lying in front of them--unaware that they have just discovered the body of the real Lucas Hood.