Big Fans Gather to Celebrate a Small Town


Big Fans Gather to Celebrate a Small Town

Comic-Con 2013

Friday was like a Spirit Festival for the Fanshees at Comic-Con. Executive producer Greg Yaitanes and writer and executive producer Jonathan Tropper joined cast members Antony Starr (Lucas Hood), Ivana Milicevic (Carrie Hopewell), Hoon Lee (Job) and Lili Simmons (Rebecca Bowman) to look back at Season 1 and drop hints about what's to come. That included premiering the trailer for new season and encouraging fans to share the video on Facebook for a peek at script page from the coming season - a challenge that took no time at all to accomplish. Some of the topics discussed:

The actors keep their characters' needs in mind:
Lili Simmons on Rebecca: "It's a need to matter. She doesn't matter to her father, so she tries to matter to other people... like Lucas Hood. She's always trying to find her place."

Antony Starr on Lucas: "His need not to be alone. We're all social animals, otherwise, we do crazy things and shoot people." Fifteen years apart from the person that loved him and you're "left with a disjointed person with animalistic desires."

Ivana Milicevic on Carrie: "She needs to keep it together. Lucas Hood is like a drop of alcohol to an alcoholic who hasn't taken a sip in 15 years."

Jonathan Tropper has been toying with the idea of a criminal-turned-sheriff for a while.
Tropper was inspired by the false identities in 'The Count of Monte Cristo,' which he read in high school.

Hoon Lee was bigger when he auditioned... and they were on the fence about him.
Tropper: "Hoon was the first guy we looked at and we did not think he could inhabit a dress well." Also: "He might not have shaved that day."

How they feel about the show's violence:
Starr: "It's a heightened reality." Added Yaitanes, "One of our writers referred to it as real frogs in a magical pond." Lee compared it to "a language, like dance. I embrace it."

What's to come in Season 2?
Milicevic on Carrie: "She's lost everything and she wants it back. It's like a pendulum swinging between full-blown Carrie and full-blown Ana, coming to rest in the middle. I don't think Ana is swept under the rug... and nobody puts Carrie in the corner."

Starr on Lucas: "Season 1 ends with Lucas building a community around himself. In Season 2, there are more people at stake. Now I'm a father. There's a sense of responsibility and stepping up."

Lee on Job: "Job blows up the place he came from. Much like Lucas, he's found himself in the past, thorough his relationship with Lucas, and he has a new relationship with Sugar. He's wrestling with the complications of this ever-growing network he feels responsible to, and for."

Simmons on Rebecca: "She's deciding what side she's on. She doesn't know what she wants."

What have they learned about themselves through these parts?
Lee: "There's a lot of reward in working through a process."
Simmons: "Get a lot of sleep."
Milicevic: "That I'm a bad ass."
Starr: "I'm getting old. I break quick and heal slow."