Banshee Panel Teases Final Season Hints at New York Comic Con


Banshee Panel Teases Final Season Hints at New York Comic Con

October 2015

The excitement was palpable in room 1A06 at New York Comic Con as fans waited for the Banshee panel to begin. “Fanshees” struck up conversations with each other, recounting their favorite fight scenes from past episodes and debating whether or not Lucas Hood can rightly be called a “softy” at heart. Panel attendees generally agreed upon one thing: Banshee can’t end. Unfortunately for fans, the show is entering its fourth and final season.

Andy Greenwald (of Grantland) moderated the panel discussion, which included executive producer and co-creator Jonathan Tropper, as well as actors Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, Frankie Faison, Matt Servitto, and new cast member Eliza Dushku. Addressing his rationale for ending the show at season 4, Tropper explained that, as a long time television watcher himself, he’s “very sensitive to shows that stick around past their expiration date just because they can.” Adding, “We just felt that the story was coming to a natural end, and that it was time to write that end.” It became clear as the panel progressed that the most important thing for Tropper and the Banshee cast was to make sure the show went out on a high note. Otherwise, as Antony Starr succinctly summed up the alternative, “You get remembered for the shitty last season.”

If the excitement of the panelists is any indication, it would seem they got this final season right. And the consolation for the show's end is the promise that these final episodes will blow fans’ minds. Trooper, Starr, Milicevic, Faison, Servietto, and Dushku were all adamant that this is the season to avoid spoilers at all costs. The cast acknowledged that the Comic Con convention had proved a long hard day of navigating around any information that might ruin the show’s conclusion.

Despite their best efforts, a few tidbits of information did come out. One, Carrie has a more “active” role in town affairs. Two, new cast member Eliza Dushku plays Veronica Dawson, an FBI agent who’s come to Banshee, Penn. with some rogue tactics up her sleeve. Three, Dawson is in hot pursuit of the latest violent presence in Banshee—a serial killer. Of course, as Matt Servitto wryly observed, “Serial killing in Banshee is a misdemeanor.”

Not on the official roster, cast members Matthew Rauch and Ryann Shane sat among the audience and posed for pictures before the panel got underway. Fans also got a first look at the fiery season 4 trailer—it involved a flamethrower.

Finally, Tropper left fans with a deeper insight into the general nature of the show: "Whatever the plot is, the plot is really there to peel back more layers of these people. It’s really about what’s happening to these people, and who they are underneath who they seem to be. So the serial killer is fun, but you’ll see what the serial killer does is reconfigure this group in a whole other set of alliances and adversarial situations.”

Banshee season 4 premieres January 29, 2016.