7 Takeaways From the Comic-Con Banshee Panel


7 Takeaways From the Comic-Con Banshee Panel

Comic Con 2014

On Friday night, Grantland's Andy Greenwald moderated a 'Banshee' panel featuring series creator and executive producer Jonathan Tropper, Antony Starr (Lucas Hood), Ivana Milicevic (Carrie Hopewell), Ulrich Thomsen (Kai Proctor) and Geno Segers (Chayton Littlestone). Topics of conversation included memorable moments from seasons past as well as a peek of what was to come. Here's what we learned.

Jonathan Tropper was inspired by the Count of Monte Cristo.

Host Greenwald asked Tropper how he transitioned from a writer of "charming novels" to the creator of so "lurid" a show. Tropper explained that the origins of 'Banshee' come from 'The Count of Monte Cristo,' and the idea of a "fake cop that solved crimes using his criminal skills." When Greenwald pointed out there wasn't a "straight line between 'The Count' and a body building albino," Tropper responded, "We don't know what was edited out of Dumas."

Antony Starr knows he gets beat up a lot.

After a montage of Lucas's beatings screened, Starr mentioned that on his first day of shooting, he received six stitches. "Jonathan says I've got one of those faces that looks better damaged," he said resignedly. And unlike his co-star Milicevic who would be interested in pursuing more action work, Starr thought for his next job, "I want to be a big fat guy sitting down behind the desk."

Ivana Milicevic finds it helps to think about what her character wants.

Upon watching a sequence of Carrie defending herself during her prison stint, Milicevic admitted that she "had a lot of aggressive energy that week. It felt good to beat up on that poor stunt girl." As for channeling Carrie, the actress said she likes to think about what her characters are after: "If you know what they want you know what they're willing to do to get it."

If Kai Proctor has a business card, it would say: Businessman.

Thomsen, acknowledging Proctor's diversified interests, agreed it would be hard to sum up his character's job description. And when it comes to defining Proctor's close connection with his niece, the actor shrugged and said, "What can I say?"

Geno Segers first job was playing Mufasa in 'The Lion King.'

The tough part of playing Chayton Littlestone, said Segers, is that it's "difficult and exhausting to be someone so frustrated, angry and bitter." The actor says he shares little in common with his character: "I'm just looking for a good time."

Jonathan Tropper wants Chayton Littlestone to stick around.

Said the producer: "We've have a bad habit of killing characters before we find out if we like them." By way of example, he remembered regretting the death of the Albino (Joseph Gatt): "I wish we hadn't castrated and killed him." After casting Seger, Tropper said, "When we saw what he could do, we wanted to keep him around."

Demetrius Grosse showed up.

Grosse, who starred as Officer Emmett Yawners, appeared in the question line in disguise, but was immediately recognized by his castmates who got up to share hugs.