As Earnest Bishop is released from prison after serving 5 years for money laundering, frat brother Dmitri Vance is at the prison gates to meet him in style, in a stretch limo. They return to the club, where the others await. Gabriel and Spencer think Earnest has paid his dues and deserves a second chance, but Woody is leery of their old friend. Dmitri offers Earnest the apartment above the bar, much to Woody's dismay. Unaware of Earnest's arrival back in town, his ex-wife, Portia, enjoys some afternoon passion with her boyfriend, Antonio. While Antonio is in the shower, Portia secretly reads a letter she received from Earnest telling her about his upcoming release from prison. She is emotionally torn by what she reads.

The sexy female limo driver begins a sexy strip tease and gives Earnest a lap dance with the others cheering on. Sabrina and Aspen arrive looking for Gabriel, who didn't come home from the celebration the night before, and stumble upon the private party which brings everything to a halt. Aspen leaves but Sabrina stays and can't take her eye off of Earnest. Sabrina, who is married to Earnest's brother Chandler, privately tells him that she's sorry her man let him take the fall for both of them. They go for a walk and talk -- there is definitely a bond there. 

Gabriel catches up with Aspen and explains that he stayed at the club last night to wait for Earnest and Aspen forgives him. Later that evening, Aspen greets Gabriel after work and does her own sexy strip tease for him. They have hot make-up sex! Meanwhile, on the radio, Nandi starts a debate on dating someone who has been in prison.

Chandler drops by the apartment upstairs from the club, where Earnest is staying. Earnest asks his brother to help him get a job, but Chandler insists the time is not right -- he's in the middle of a re-election campaign, and doesn't need the negative publicity. He leaves some money for Earnest and departs. Earnest briefly wallows in liquor and self-pity before deciding to take an active part in remaking his life.