Ladies Night



Melissa promotes an “80s Night” at the club, and it’s a dud. She tells her friends it’s because manager Elizabeth – Edward’s girlfriend – has slashed her budget for hiring celebs to build buzz. (Later, Melissa and Doug overhear Edward and Elizabeth having loud sex in the office, but doubt their ears.) Regina suggests doing a “Ladies Night,” to draw women, which should draw men. Bella promises to invite the members of her college photography club. At their meeting the next day, she discovers the club is really a lesbian group. Classmate Nora is the only member to have a kind word for Bella’s photos, and they end up having sex after the meeting. Meanwhile, Avi and Peter attend a team-building seminar. They get tossed out when Peter comes to the inattentive Avi’s defense and disses the Instructor. They decide to settle their differences over a drink, and head for Club 80. Inside, they find a sea of horny women: Melissa didn’t proof the flyer, which implies the event features male strippers. Elizabeth is ticked off, and tells Melissa to find a way to turn things around or she’s fired. Then, a reprieve: a drunken cougar mistakes Peter for a stripper and the women hustle him to the stage. Peter is nearly paralyzed with fright until Avi comes to the rescue. The two men work the crowd and give lap dances. Melissa presses Doug into service as a third stripper, and tells the bouncer to charge a $30 cover at the door. After the show, Peter goes home with Marissa, a girl he had been chatting up, and they have sex. Melissa’s job is saved, and she talks to Elizabeth about doing a “GI Joes and Army Hos” party...