Femme Fatales Music

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Ep. 14 - 16 Minutes of Fame

I Want My (aks 15 Minutes of Fame) by Josephine

Ep. 15 - Gun Twisted

Bad Girl by Girls Love Shoes

Ep. 16 - Trophy Wife

Merry Go Round by The Polyamorous Affair

Affair You Turn Me On by Herman Beeftink

Satisfy Me by Herman Beeftink

Strange by The Polyamorous Affair

Ep. 17 - Extracurricular Activties

Lovin Class by Bradley Boys

Ep. 18 - Killer Instinct

Silencio De Momento by Insomnia

Ep. 19 - Bad Science

Demeter by Corridor

Earth Is The Best by The Phenomenauts

Ep. 20 - Family Business

I Like You by Ninfa

Nothing to Loose by The Music Collective

Alone In This Big City by Buddy Stuart

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