Ep. 22 Crazy Mary - Podcast

Extended episode commentary from the cast and crew of Femme Fatales.

STEVE KRIOZERE: All right, welcome to "Crazy Mary" podcast. 

MARK ALTMAN: Hi, I'm Mark Altman, I'm co-creator and executive producer of Femme Fatales.  I'm here with, executive producer Dave Williams, promoted from co-executive producer last season.  The executive producer and co-creator Steve Kriozere.                        

STEVE KRIOZERE: No promotion, no promotion, I didn't get one.

MARK ALTMAN: My partner in crime.  And Kate Luyben, the star of "Crazy Mary."                         

DAVE WILLIAMS: And there she is.

MARK ALTMAN: There she is on screen. 

DAVE WILLIAMS: A very romantic scene.

STEVE KRIOZERE: We weren't rushing doing this scene.  Much.

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