Ep. 21 Jail Break - Podcast

Extended episode commentary from the cast and crew of Femme Fatales.

STEVE KRIOZERE: Hello, and welcome to the podcast for Jail Break.  I'm Steve Kriozere, one of the exec producers and co-creators of Femme Fatales. I'm here with-

RICK COPP: Rick Copp. I'm the writer, as Richard Hall is. And I'm one of the actors who you will see in about thirty seconds.

STEVE KRIOZERE: Yes. This is the teaser to the episode, which is a great teaser. No dialogue, but tells a lot of story.

RICK COPP: But we were freezing our a**es off, this, this day, right? It was very cold, as you shot this.

STEVE KRIOZERE: Yeah, this is early in the morning.                              

RICK COPP: Yeah, you also directed this.

STEVE KRIOZERE: Yes. I am the director of this episode. This is my directorial debut.

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