Ep. 17: Extracurricular Activities - Podcast

Extended episode commentary from the cast and crew of Femme Fatales.

MARK A. ALTMAN: Hi, welcome to the Femme Fatales podcast.  This is executive producer, and co-creator, with Steve Kriozere, who's not here, Mark Altman.  And, um, I'd like to introduce you.  We've got a really rockin' panel today, for "Extracurricular Activities".

I have the star and writer, Rick Copp, who plays Richard Hollis, and writes under Richard Hollis. 

I have executive producer, David E. Williams.

Over here is second unit director and editor, Chris Levitus.

 And, two of the stars of the episode, Catherine Annette and Madison Dylan.

This is really interesting.  We had another director on this episode, and due to some health issues,  they had to drop out shortly before we shot, so we brought in one of our regular directors, Rob Burnett.  And, what I think was very helpful was, he talked to Roger Chingirian, our DP, and said, 'I'd like it to look like an Adrian Lyne movie from the ‘80s.'  And in particular, this scene was very influenced by 9½ Weeks, when Kim Basinger is looking at the slides The first cut of this episode was a bit of a mess.  And it just goes to show the power of editing, because, I think by the time Chris was finished with it and it's one of the best episodes of the season.  So...

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