Ep. 15: Gun Twisted - Podcast

Extended episode commentary from the cast and crew of Femme Fatales.

MARK A. ALTMAN: Welcome to the Femme Fatale podcast.  This is, uh, Co‑Creator and Executive Producer Mark A. Altman.  I am here with my partner in crime and Executive Producer and Co‑Creator, Steve Kriozere.

STEVE KRIOZERE: Hello everybody, thanks for tuning in.

MARK A. ALTMAN: Executive Producer David E. Williams.


MARK A. ALTMAN: And one of the stars of this episode, Miss Moniqua Plante.


MARK A. ALTMAN: Hello, and welcome.  Uh, this is, um, this is a really interesting, uh, genesis of this episode.  At the end of first season, Darin Scott, who wrote and directed this episode, um, and said he really wanted to do something along of, uh, Gun Crazy.  And, uh, I think Steve's eyes glazed over, having no idea what he was talking about.  And I am like, "Joseph Lewis is Gun Crazy?  I love that movie!"  [LAUGHS]  And I said, "It would be great to do something and like, like Gun Crazy."  Um, Gun Crazy is this really great, um, uh, low budget film noir, um, that was done in, in the ‘40s with Bart Dall.  And, um, it's just a terrific, uh, a terrific little movie and very nihilistic and unpleasant and beautifully shot.  It ends in a swamp.  Uh, some gorgeous noir black and white photography.  And he really captures the feeling of a movie like that in Gun Twisted.  Uh, the script came in in very good shape...uh, we didn't have to do a lot of, uh, uh, a lot of work on it...and it attracted a great cast.  I mean, uh, Antonio.  Um, this is, I think, the first episode that, uh, Christine Sheaks cast this season.  Uh, it was her idea.  She, she had suggested Antonio, I think he is really good in it.  Diane, Diana Gettinger, or Diane Gettinger, who is the lead, Laurie-um, which is an homage to Gun, uh, Crazy-is, is superb.  As, of course, is Moniqua.

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