Ep. 14: 16 Minutes of Fame - Podcast

Extended episode commentary from the cast and crew of Femme Fatales.

MARK ALTMAN: Hey, welcome to the Femme Fatale Podcast for "16 Minutes of Fame."  I'm co-creator and executive producer, Mark Altman. I'm here with co-creator and executive producer, Steve Kriozere. I'm also the writer of this episode, Richard Hollis, AKA Rick Cop, and one of our stars, Scheana Marie is here, who plays the character of Angel.

RICHARD HOLLIS: But is she an angel?  We'll find out.

MARK ALTMAN: Or is she a demon?


STEVE KRIOZERE: We'll find out. Welcome to the season premiere, everybody.

MARK ALTMAN: Now this is interesting. This, originally, in the script, was not the teaser. But in editing we decided that it sort of established sort of the, the right feel for what this show is. And this was interesting, Rick, because this show is very off concept for us. You know, it's, it's very contemporary, which we normally try and avoid, because it's sort of steeped in film noir.

STEVE KRIOZERE: Yeah, like that type writer in "Jail Break."

MARK ALTMAN: And, of course, um, the fact that it's set in the world of reality shows and Big Brother, Jersey Shore, you know, as the Briti-, Brits would say, taking the piss out of them.

But yet it's a throwback to sort of Agatha Christie and Ten Little Indians. So, I think when you first pitched it, we weren't sure if this would work for the show, but we had enough faith in you after doing some great episodes last season to give you a shot, and I think it turned out great. And one of the reasons that it's the season premiere, I think is because it's the most accessible, promotable ways in. I think Rob Burnett, who directed, did a really nice job. He also edited it. One of the advantages we had, I think with this episode in particular, was we never filmed more than fifty feet away from any one part of the location. So we didn't get tied up with major relighting or company moves or anything, so we were able to be shooting most of the time.

RICHARD HOLLIS: Plus you have six beautiful actors, so it's always nice to be in close, right?

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